Sync Representation

During my time running publishing companies, Polar Patrol and 13 Artists, I have developed an active network of sync contacts and music supervisors.

As a rights owner, it became part of my role to represent the artists that we were signing for publishing rights to the sync community.

I travelled to to LA three times, including the MPA/BPI sync mission, and met many people who I am still in touch with today. I am a member of Sync Drinks and the EU Guild of Music Supervisors. I have attended many events, panels and music conferences. I have been invited onto sync panels to talk from a rights holders perspective.

Additionally, I can source and license music on behalf of clients who wish to use music for TV, corporate presentations, films etc and I am able offer music supervision.

A selection of syncs that I have been involved with:

Kidda – Bacardi TV advert
Nadine Shah – Namco Bandai online advert
Ed Sheeran/Johnny McDaid – The Fault In 0ur Stars movie
Luke Temple – Westpac TV advert
Johnny McDaid – This Is Not The End movie trailer
Luke Temple – Jacobs coffee TV advert