Music publishing advice

Music publishing can be a daunting topic to understand as a new comer; it can even mystify seasoned professionals with its own language, abbreviations, organisations and multiple strands of income.

During my time in working in music publishing I have gained invaluable experience in a variety of deals including:

  • Artist and song writer
  • Administration
  • Sub-publishing
  • Catalogue sales and purchase
  • Sync and licensing

I am able to offer advice on publishing in the music industry for both the creative artist or music publishing business. The types of service I am able to offer differ depending upon the perspective of the client.

For a company I can advise on:

  • Company structure
  • Systems
  • Sub-publishing/back end collection
  • Relationship management
  • General advice on running a publishing company

For an music industry professional or artist/songwriter I can offer advice on:

  • Performing rights organisations
  • Publishing deals
  • Demystification of terms
  • Publishing solutions
  • Synchronisation
  • Co-writes/collaboration
  • Song splits
  • Registration