Contract reviews

I investigate artists and songwriters historical record and publishing deals and deliver a report outlining the status of the agreements.

I am primarily looking for all of the contractual points that refer to the ending of the agreement such as termination clauses, retention periods and re-recording restrictions. If any other salient points come to light I will add these to the report.

This can result in:

  • being knowledgeable about your historical contractual agreements
  • potentially acquiring rights back and doing new deals with better royalty rates
  • potentially being able to re-record songs and gain master ownership

After delivering the report I can offer a range of further services that include:

  • delivering termination notices to the rights holders
  • advising on re-records
  • advising on setting up new entities to own reverted copyrights
  • finding new publishing deals or administration arrangements
  • exploring re-issues
  • collating assets